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Sera-Pharma Labs | Learn about Sera-Pharma Labs – Company Overview
About Sera-Pharma Labs

About Sera-Pharma Labs

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Specialty Nutraceuticals for Better Living

Sera-Pharma Labs is a leader of producing innovative health products, specializing in a new class of premium nutraceutical products for the 200+ million American adults seeking to optimize their health throughout their life. By utilizing the latest health, wellness, weight loss and anti-aging supplementation research, Sera-Pharma Labs develops unique and effective solutions for men and women to improve their quality of life through the various life stages. Issues such as hormonal health, revitalizing cleansing and detoxification, weight loss and weight management are examples of the specialty nutraceuticals Sera-Pharma Labs has developed for better living. Benefits of improving health during adulthood include reducing healthcare expenditures, increasing productivity, promoting well-being and improving overall enjoyment in life.

Utilizing the latest research in anti-aging and supplementation to help “slow down” the aging process and improve the longevity and quality of life is our initiative at Sera-Pharma Labs.

Sera-Pharma Labs Is A Leader In The New Health Science

The Human Genome Project has given the medical community a wealth of new information, including important insights about the delicate interplay of how nutraceuticals can promote healthy gene expression. From this wealth of New Health Science information about the inner workings of the body, plus decades of experience from Sera-Pharma’s team of health professionals and scientists, we identified properDNA function and hormonal balance as key factors to age management. If you can preserve the health and expression of your DNA, your body can function normally, including natural metabolic and biologic repair and the aging process can be “slowed down”. This includes the reduction of certain health challenges related to lifestyle. However, if you don’t preserve the proper functioning of DNA, the body cannot naturally repair itself and the functioning of major bodily systems and hormones will continue to decline.

At Sera-Pharma Labs, we are utilizing this growing body of information from both the Human Genome Project and experienced health professionals for the development of the most advanced healthy age management products. Sera-Pharma Labs is making it possible to support on-going healthy DNA function and hormone balance with specialty nutraceuticals for longevity.

Sera-Pharma Labs has played a leadership role in bridging the gap between new research discoveries and practical application, going well beyond the minimalist Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) approach that is based merely on the average intakes of a limited number of nutrients, and even a dose of guesswork. This “average intake approach” has likely contributed to the epidemic of inadequate nutrition and their health consequences. From the Human Genome Project, we now know there is more to promoting optimum health than the intake of the narrowly defined essential vitamins and minerals. The RDA minimalist approach may work for survival, but the New Health Science reveals new exciting ways in which nutraceuticals can be used to optimize health so people can thrive throughout the aging process.

Expanding the boundaries of the New Health Science, the Sera-Pharma Labs research team pushed product development to include these new discoveries – even beyond the revolutionary hormonal health discovery that lead to our first nutraceutical breakthrough, Amidren. Since the development of Amidren, we expanded nutraceutical product development to benefit the health and longevity of both men and women, in ways that go well beyond a conventional multivitamin/mineral product.

Amidren Marks A Major Advancement In Health Products

Sera-Pharma Labs changed the course of nutraceuticals during the 1990s with the introduction of its first product, called Amidren. Being on the forefront of the newest medical research related to aging in men, Sera-Pharma was among the first nutraceutical companies to realize a new life stage being reported by the medical community, called Andropause, sometimes referred to as Male Menopause. While the signs of aging for men are clear to most people – increased body fat, decreased sex drive, , changes in the strength, look, feel and volume of hair, low energy and moodiness, among other things – the causes were not well understood. Doctors and scientists are finally understanding that the hormonal imbalances in men as they age (not just testosterone) are the contributing factors to this annoying constellation of changes. More importantly, they were finding out how to address these age related hormonal imbalances. (Refer to Amidren’s website Amidren.com for details).

There are currently about 60 million men in the U.S. over the age of 40 and 5,400 more men turning 40 every day. The pioneering object of Sera-Pharma Labs was to help this growing population not only live longer, but also live a healthier, more active and enjoyable life. Our team of researchers along with health professionals collaborated to develop the first ever natural supplement to combat the symptoms of Andropause. The revolutionary formula, Amidren, was so far ahead of its time that Sera-Pharma Labs was involved in creating an Andropause awareness campaign to help educate the millions of men who are or will be affected by Andropause. Amidren is a landmark health product, which is a huge step toward natural anti-aging supplementation, but it was only Sera-Pharma Lab’s first of many health product innovations to come.

Sera-Pharma Labs Introduces New Innovative Heath Solutions

Since the development and success of Amidren, Sera-Pharma Labs has used their New Health Science approach to developing additional new health products that deal with the top health concerns of adults. The most recent health statistics from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reports that ideal body weight is one of the most important factors in living a long and healthy life. As the body gains excess pounds, this can have a variety of unwanted health effects. Proper weight weight management of a body healthy weight are major determinants of optimal health and longevity.

Additionally, through the application of the New Health Science Approach, Sera-Pharma’s research team determined that promoting optimal health is benefitted by purging the body of undesirable substances that can limit reaching optimal health. Cleansing and Detoxification go hand in hand with also promoting weight loss, in addition to promoting optimal health. This led to the development of two of Sera-Pharma’s revolutionary products, called DetoxaTrim and CliniCal for women. DetoxaTrim provides healthy, natural detoxification of the body and restoration of the good bacterial balance in your intestinal tract essential to maintaining good digestion and a strong immune response, which also enhances metabolism and may lead to improved weight loss potential. New CliniCal utilizes a clinically proven ingredients to provide slimming and beautifying effects. Its unique 24 hour formula helps promote weight loss and boosts energy throughout the day, in addition to enhancing restful sleep at night to prevent cortisol related weight gain. (Visit the DetoxaTrim and CliniCal websites, DetoxaTrim.com and cliniCal24.com, for more information about these products).

The Future – Solving The Longevity Puzzle

Sera-Pharma Labs is committed to offering new and novel health promoting products designed to combat the annoying symptoms and effects of aging. In this pursuit, Sera-Pharma has several new and exciting health enhancing nutraceutical products in development for men and women. These products will deal with solving the top age related health concerns of the aging population. Sign up for our Email newsletter to keep informed about these new product developments and to receive “Health Tips for Living A Longer and Healthier Life.”

Quality Products For The Best Health Promoting Results

Sera-Pharam Labs products are uniquely formulated with specific amounts of select ingredients for optimal results. To ensure that the absolute highest quality ingredients are used, every ingredient that goes into our products is tested to ensure quality, potency and purity. Sera-Pharma’s products are manufactured in state-of-the-art, FDA inspected, cGMP compliant facilities. Sera-Pharma Labs is fully committed to maintaining the highest manufacturing standards in the health product industry.